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Make use of our variety of services to stand out

Valiant Infosys plays a remarkable role in offering premier IT services ranging from UX website designs, SEO copywriting, direct response marketing, email copywriting, effective social media campaigns, and Data Science Solutions.

What we provide is: The Front end development services including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript  with all the UX/UI  strategies to clients around Singapore. We teach our clients what the target user explains from a website and how we design and build the websites that meets those expectations to achieve greater conversion.

Our high quality web design services help the companies to reach their target customers, improve the sales, maintaining good relationships with them for repeated businesses using this right online marketing tool.

Look how we work: Our dedicated team of web developers works closely with our clients to solve all complex software tasks resulting in high quality products. We have expertise in many web technologies like PHP/MYSQL, JOOMLA and WordPress and are flexible to change to any technology.

Our lead generating websites with landing page and email opt-in form added together will collect your prospect’s email to have a keep in-touch for future up selling.

Do you accept payments? We create stunning websites customizing premium WordPress themes suitable to our client’s business needs. We provide Shopping cart solutions integrating the payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout etc., and corporate websites for all businesses.


Be Seen On The Search Engines With SEO Copywriting

Valiant Infosys provides SEO Services using both the On-page and Off-page optimization strategies. Our keyword research and unique content writing techniques make your website seen on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our SEO Article and Press release services lead high traffic to your websites.

Think how you search: We always keep your target visitors in our mind when writing content for your websites and analyze for right keywords guessing how they will search your services in major search engines.

Most of the Fortune 500 companies promote their products and services with high quality web content. Because they know the powerful words that sell almost anything and everything no matter whether it’s online or offline.

We play with words when writing compelling marketing materials to produce high results for you. There is no doubt that our writing skills and the sales jargon joined together will move products like crazy no matter what you sell.

Look: Our tactics of writing all types of B2B content like SEO articles, press releases, direct response copywriting services, white papers, blog posting, and creating social media profiles, etc. without sales funnel prove your authority.

Valiant Infosys is an easy go digital marketing agency to promote all types of niche services and products with the intention to produce great results more than what the clients expect.

Our services include writing sales copies in the area of digital marketing, software, financial products, health care products, and engineering areas. We offer our writing skill, sales ability, product knowledge and the internet marketing under one roof to produce an effective sales copy that makes a ton of sales for its owner.


Generate More leads From Your Persuasive Email Campaigns


In addition to web design and copywriting, I start the new service of  offering lead generating persuasive email campaigns for B2B companies.

My first client.

Hi, I’m Prabakar.

I did my first website for the IT school, I worked in Singapore.  After that I:

  • Designed websites for IT consultancies, painting companies, security and cleaning agencies.
  • I wrote articles and office correspondence for office people.
  • I did graphics like logos and brochures to friends and local companies.

I write copies of about-us pages, blog posts and social media profiles to local clients now in addition to web sites. Recently I joined one of the most popular courses, Writing Email Copies for B2B Companies offered by American Writers & Artists Inc. I follow the best practices of email copywriting taught by AWAI to achieve better results. This  training has helped me develop the in-demand email copywriting skills specializing in high-quality promotional and relationship-building emails.

I write prospecting email campaigns, auto-responder email series and copies of my friend’s websites. I have started to serve companies with email copywriting to help them stay in touch with their leads thru emails.

I write emails to companies that deal with up-selling, cross-selling to customers, and new product launches. I write effective emails with a great subject line and headline to improve the open rates.  Because the subject lines influence more in every email message.

Every sales process needs a persuasive email copy and a perfect call-to-action. I follow the proven strategies on what to say in email number one, email number two, and so on when writing the email series. A better email marketing message that gradually improves the click-through rates and response. I write short paragraphs and bullet points to scan easily because most of the visitors read emails on their mobile phones. 

I put more efforts to write better copy for the response landing pages to improve conversion rates. I also suggest the clients what to have in the opt-in forms to complete the sign ups.

I write a handout with the plan of what to say and how to say the key points keeping the target audience in the mind before starting to write every email project. I follow the following master formula that AWAI taught me when writing a series of emails.

  • How to download the free software.
  • Instructions about how to use the software.
  • Let them know about other’s success who purchased the product.
  • Suggesting them a free consultation.
  • Specifying the urgency and finally the stronger sales pitch offering the opportunity to buy the product.

I carefully plan the step-by-step process to move the prospects along the buyer’s journey. I write both the promotional  and relationship-building emails alternatively in the lead-nurturing sequence of all my email campaigns.  I figure out where the visitors are and where you want them to go on the buyer’s journey.

Next one is writing landing pages for Lead-Gen email campaigns. I write persuasive copies with testimonials, powerful headlines, call-to-action and “now” benefits on the landing pages to motivate your visitors to take the right actions you like and to boost conversion rates.

Contact me for your next email Copywriting project to generate more leads.


Become Popular With Our Viral Social Media Content

Valiant Infosys integrates your Web sites with all leading Social Media channels to get known to your prospects. Our industry standard, proven practices to create your Social Media Campaigns by designing stunning profiles with cover pages, profile pictures and persuasive content will surely make them go viral and get more followers.

We guide you to reach your potential customers and spread your message across nations using our social media marketing services. We promote your services on almost all the major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest.

We use all the principles and proven strategies that will work for your business to persuade your prospects to hire you to do their jobs. We know what social media pages will work for you and how the content management options take you to the next level. The well optimized PPC ads on major social media platforms enable you to target any type of prospects.

We ensure your content are shared to get more likes and followers from your engaging posts. Our expert advice turns your brand more successive increasing the search result ranking for your website and do tone of sales being active on the social media channels.