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In the late 1980s internet and websites were used only by the research oriented government agencies and higher learning institutions. Businesses didn’t use websites in those days. Web sites became an ideal medium for businesses to promote their products and services to people all over the globe in 1994. Now it’s compulsory for every business. A business without a website is like running a business with no sales person. This post teaches you how to design WordPress Websites for your clients.

You just don’t create a website for yourself without the proper technical skills! Most of the business owners learn themselves the web technology of building the online presence for their businesses. The business owners feel uncomfortable to learn the skill of designing a website for them in their busy schedule.

Once it was so hard to build a Websites coding HTML, CSS and Javascript. Now It’s so easy using the drag and drop tool called WordPress. What I suggest you is step into the learning process that relieves you from paying a web design trainer.

If you know typing in Ms Office and how to browse the internet, you can design Websites in WordPress no matter what industry your clients are in. Just play around the themes and plugins in the WordPress dashboard for 3 days to get what you need to do to design Websites for business owners. Website builders are vital sources for a successful online presence. You can make money while sharpening your skills.

How to Step Into The Freelancing of  WordPress Websites ?

 Buy a hosting account with a minimum of three domain names with hostgator.com that offers the hosting service you need. Design a few simple WordPress Websites for your friends and families at free of cost and create a portfolio website for yourself showing your high quality works you have done. Now it’s time to approach your potential customers to sell your web design service and let them make a purchase from you.

Be ready to upsell and cross sell many more services like SEO copywriting, articles, eBooks, videos, scripts, and etc. You can sell tone of products and services on your website as a side income source. If you build trust and authority in your industry, there are millions of prospects ready to buy from you.

The key to succeed in the web design career is to offer quality service with an affordable price and get yourself in the shoe of buyers. Once you prove the ROI for your clients, then it’s just a matter of seconds for a repeated business from the same customer even there are more experts in your field.

Add Value By Hosting Your Own Clients:

 If you are keen to invest your time in upgrading your business development skills, I would advise you a great way of earning money on the side. Offer your own web hosting service to your existing or future customers with the HostGator reseller plan and get to know what their reseller packages are. As a web designer, you can use this plan to add extra values and provide everything your website clients need.

How to Stand Out From The Crowd?

 If you want to succeed in this competitive online industry, you need to offer the web design service as a package of designing, domain names, SSL certificates and etc., and the prices that your clients can’t find anywhere else. The competitors in your niche go for the same business opportunity that you try to get and there are many more differences in the services they offer.

The services that you offer are immeasurable and the prices vary based on the quality of the service you offer. Take care of the deadline fixed by your clients for a grand success. So deliver the product at the scheduled time calculating the cost more reliably on all your valuable services. Read more about designing WordPress Websites.

I hope you enjoy this post.

Design Lead Generating WordPress Websites for Your Clients
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