Do your website designers have experience in this industry?

“We have 10 years of experience in web designing serving local clients around Singapore with full job satisfaction.”

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What are the different types of websites you have designed?

“We have designed both static and dynamic websites based on HTML, content management systems and eCommerce website integrating various payment gateways.”

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Can I see some of the websites you have designed?

“Sure. Click here to go to our portfolio page, there you can see some of the websites done our team.”

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Did your websites produce the target results?

“Sure. Definitely our websites with persuasive and engaging content keep the readers as glue in the sites and turn them into buyers.”

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Can I succeed online and achieve my goals with your digital marketing services?

“There is no doubt that our SEO Copywriting together with eye-catching websites makes you as a go-to company in your niche area and do great sales.”

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How to drive traffic to the direct response copy you have written to me?

“An engaging YouTube video drives traffic to your copy like crazy and it goes viral.
Google Adwords and Bing ads do good jobs in driving traffic.

Being active on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest make your copy known to others.

If your copy is viewed by more people, Google will promote to the top position.
Email marketing and posting on classifieds are the reliable source of promoting your copy.”

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How do you write my sales copy?

“All I do is research. A detailed online search of your business, your products and services will make me more comfortable to write your sales copy. I will also ask you some questions about what you do and what you offer to your audience.

Also, I strictly follow the proven strategies to write a high converting sales copy that will definitely persuade your readers.”

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Why should I hire you?

“Clients like to work with me because I have taken a professional development program in email copywriting from AWAI. I have written B2B emails with real-world examples as skill-building exercises, and homework assignments to practice what I learn. I have 5 years Professional experience as a website designer as well as Copywriter. I’d never miss a deadline and I’m a pleasure to work with them.

I’m very low maintenance as a vendor. I show relevant samples to clients based on what they need.
I have worked with many clients who are satisfied with my services. ”

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What are the services you offer to your clients?

“I offer web designs, SEO Content, Email Campaigns, and copywriting services to my clients.”

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Can you write B2B marketing materials to businesses who want to build trust among their audience?

“Yes, I can write all the B2B content like articles, blogs, case studies, E-Newsletters, press releases, speeches, video scripts, web pages, Whitepapers, and etc.”

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