B2B Email Copywriting Project Client Meeting

B2B Email Copywriting

B2B means businesses that sell products or services to other businesses through either online or offline. B2B Email Copywriting has become an indispensable marketing source for them to reach more potential customers. Email campaigns are broadly used by all companies no matter what size they are to update their audience and to sell their products and services.

The major email players are manufacturers, software developers and online training companies that send a series of emails to convince prospects to buy the their products and services. They plan a monthly email series consisting of three to five emails per month to get known about their promotions and discount offers.

The email pieces written persuasively in a conversational tone engage your audience and do the conversion. Email copywriters are the vital source for them to write all the email campaigns to sell A-Z.

Every B2B Email Copywriting project starts with a meeting with clients. It’s usually called a project discussion or project meeting. The project meeting is essential to get all the details of the project from the clients. What I do here is to ask the right questions to collect all the information from clients to start the project. Most of the time we handle the project discussion over the phone to get the details.

During the project meeting with a client about an email campaign, we pay more attention to know what they do with their email marketing.

They may use a white paper or webinar to generate sales leads. They won’t stop only with the white paper but also do the promotion. What the major part involved here is promoting the white paper or webinar to their audience using PPC ads, classifieds, sponsored emails and various sources available over the internet.

People who want to read the white paper must fill out a small form on the company’s sign-up landing page. So the white paper is used to generate leads for the company. Now the company becomes ready to update their leads with some follow up emails.

Before starting your email project, we study all the background marketing tasks you do. If you need a copy for your landing page, we write a persuasive copy for you. 

If the clients are local and want to have a face-to-face meeting with us, we go to their office to discuss about the project. We have been getting into Skype or online meetings, if the clients are far away from our location. 

Usually I start the work going through project brief or creative brief received from clients. Otherwise, I use a questionnaire with new clients like you during project meetings to ask about your business, what products and services you are selling, your competitors and audience etc.  This questionnaire helps me understand who you are, who your target audience are, how you build your email list, and how you market your products and services.

I send this questionnaire to you as an online document which allows you to type in the answers. If you don’t know how to answer online, I give you the option to answer the questions verbally with me.

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