Achieve High Conversion Hiring Copy Critiques Services


copy critiques


How do you know whether your copy works good or not? You need to analyze various elements of your copy like headlines, sub heading, opening paragraph, information, writing style, visuals, calls to action, and etc. If you have the skill, you can do yourself. Otherwise, you can hire a copywriter who knows all the successful copy critiques strategies.


This service gives you the review of your sales copy, email campaigns, about us page, print ads, and etc. I have written most of the B2B copies, email messages, and persuasive sales pages, and web content for my local clients. Go to my portfolio page to see how I do. I hope I am qualified to offer this copy critique service because I am AWAI trained Copywriter working with words that can do high conversion. 


You can hire me to review your copies. I give you a detailed report of the performance of your copy. I analyze every sentence of your marketing material, whether it’s persuasive using all the AIDA elements. I check whether your content is helpful to the readers, having any big ideas to increase the conversion rate and how its dynamic. 


When you hire me for this copy critique service, I can’t write or rewrite every sentence of your copy. I suggest you what changes you need to do in order to make your copy more successful. All I give you is the review of how it works now and what should be done.


You no need to answer me any questions about your and service for this type of project. At the same time this doesn’t involve any research about your product and it’s audience. Finally, the copy critique service costs you very little money when compared to writing the copy from scratch.


Hire me to critique your next copy project to increase the conversion rates.