Business Website Tips5 Amazing Tips To Make Your Business Website More Compelling

Many businesses keep their main web content above the fold on a 1280×800 browser window. It’s advisable to keep the home page very simple included with inbound links to other pages of your Business Website containing relevant information.

1 Navigation To Improve The Readability Of Your Website

Make It easy for your readers to understand what you have for them by adding a navigation menu with menu items, namely Home, About, Services, Product, News, Contact, and Sitemap. Use drop down menus for a quick access to the pages of your Business websites. Read more about how to improve user experience for readability. 

Update the sitemap when a page is added or deleted. In many business websites, it’s hard to find the contact information.

2 Lead Generation From Your Website

Add features like SignUp forms to collect prospect’s emails for follow ups. Send email newsletters for cross selling and up-selling to produce better results. Because the email marketing is easy to reach the target customers.

3 Keep Your Website Mobile Friendly

Since larger size companies have a lot of content, it’s advisable to add a search field to access the required content. Online experts suggest to have responsive websites to view them in all mobile devices. The mobile site displays the pages in varied sizes. 

The mobile site is the minimum requirement because most of the people who use their smart phones and tablet PCs for a long time utility. If your website is not mobile friendly, Google will drop you like a stone. Test whether your Business Website is mobile friendly using the tool.

4 Add Helpful Content To Increase The Dwell Time

People always want to know what your business is all about, how it would be helpful to them. Use problem solving content like Blogs, Case Studies, White Papers, eBooks, Reports, News, Tips and Guides, etc., on a regular basis written in a conversational tone to increase your audience reading time and to show your authority.

These types of content solves your client’s problems and sells your products and services without selling.

5 Get More Clicks To Rank Your Website High

You can let your readers share your informative and educational blog posts and reports on social media platforms using some WordPress plugins.

Don’t be shy to add extra social share buttons to get more clicks.


5 Amazing Tips To Make Your Business Website More Compelling
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