market researchGuide for Market Research to Evaluate the Demand of Your Product

Take your business to the next level conducting market research in a right way. Market research is a process of collecting useful and helpful data regarding your niche market, demand of your product, your audience and your competitors. Companies of all sizes face many problems in taking their innovative products and in demand services to consumers and are forced to conduct an in depth research to target a market. Companies have their own in house market research teams to do the job. Sometimes they approach market research consultants to get an expert advice.

But accurate market research data and outlines are the great sources for a company to proceed to the next level. This type of market research is more helpful to companies to evaluate the demand of their products, market trend, customers and competition.

Importance of Market Research

An effective market research always speaks directly to the consumers in three different ways. By this way you can get a deep understanding your market and your audience. You can get an exact picture of how to design your business and your product or service. Market research identifies many factors that affect your business like niche area, product selection, customer satisfaction, and marketing strategies and helps to eliminate those problems to make your business a grand success.

With the help of an excellent market research method, a company can make tremendous changes in all its strategies and product creation. All the possible opportunities and profit making resources are easily identified by a market research done in a right way. A company can plan how to promote a product or service targeting potential consumers making use of the report generated by the market research.

There are many things to do to run a business successfully in this competitive world. It takes much more time and your efforts to achieve the goal. Market research is the best business tool that performs the great job of product analysis, analysis about what motivates your audience to buy, and what competition you need to face in your market.

Analyzing your market in different angles helps you to eliminate loss of money and saves your time. You can conduct a market research before you launch your new product to cut costs and increase profits. An ideal market research identifies all the income potentials available in the market and helps to redesign your product that the consumers willing to buy. It also helps to identify the growth of your business in every time interval and know who your competitors are. So it’s the vital source every business needs to do to achieve their target sales.

Different types of Market Research    

There are two types of market researches namely quantitative and qualitative researches that companies use to research about their market trends, dream products, and target customers, etc. These researches directly communicate with the consumers who show their interest to buy the products. Companies put all their efforts to do these market researches through surveys, discussions, and interviews. They involve both time and money to gather the helpful information.

The quantitative research is conducted through various sources like phone interviews, cold emails, and direct mails. It doesn’t need the money or vast amount of time to get the information they need. But qualitative market research involves more money and its time consuming because it’s done by performing effective analysis going through government publications and Wall Street Journals, business magazines, books and guides from top libraries etc.

Companies pay much attention to do both of the market researches no matter what size they are because these researches have become the integral part of business success. Do you want to save money, time, and grow your business making huge profits?

Follow The Tips to Do The Market Research

Follow the tips given below to do an effective market research to make sale whatever product or service you sell. Use the ideas and suggestions received from the online surveys you conduct in your sales copies, blog posts, and all other marketing materials. This is the perfect way to build an email list even before creating a product and sales copy. How do you conduct the market research?

Go to Google Forms to create a simple survey form with the right questions. What you can ask your audience in the survey is helpful questions to solve their pain points and problems not covered in the market place. Sometimes your audience may ask something like “My website is not converting even though the design, the products and services are good. Can you suggest a good solution to my problem?” There are many things like this to solve.

Talk about their desires and growth potential. Creating the survey is the most essential step of the market research. It’s the process of information gathering using questioner to create a profitable business and products to sell. It’s very useful to a company to redesign or improve the performance of its products and targeting customers. At the end of this guide, you can do an effective market research either for yourself or your clients. Let us get started.

Go to Google forms to create an empty survey.

1 To start a new form, click the blank form.

2 Type the name for your survey “Content Marketing Survey”.                 survey-name           
It can be related to your product or service.




3 Type the first question “What is your biggest problem with                         short-answer

content marketing strategies?”. Select the option, short answer.



4 Click the plus symbol to add question and the next question,                      questions-for-market-research

“Do you think a good answer to your problem would make a

difference in your life or find a solution for your need?”

Select the option, short answer.

5 Add question, “Is it too difficult for you to find a good answer

for the above problem?”. Select the multiple choice option.

And the final question you may ask as a bonus question like this.     

6 Can I contact you, if I got a solution to your problem?

If so, add your email below.

Give a space for a short answer.

By this way, you can create your email list before creating your product. 

Distribute Your Survey Over Social Media

What you can do to distribute your survey is emailed to your list using MailChimp or any email marketing software. Learn how we do email marketing. Post in your Facebook groups and your niche forums. Write blog posts about your survey. Use Google Adwords to advertise your survey. Create YouTube videos to get instant results.